A technology company that houses a global eco-system of coaches, scouts, amateur and professional leagues linked to grassroots players of all ages and backgrounds through a value network. Using real time data capture and predictive analytics, we monitor and improve injury prevention through weight distribution, gait and energy expenditure parameters in soccer.

3P Technology


Players can upload their skills & performance videos, while the 3P smart soccer insole uploads calibrated real-time player data

Data Collection

Terabytes of dynamic & static data
stored and processed


Player data time-stamped & cross-referenced with skills & performance videos

Our differentiator

All wearable devices rely on the wrist, but the most valuable information comes from the foot. Our smart soccer insole 3P, is a new technology that will revolutionise soccer player performance, statistics, injury management as well as the scouting and coaching process across the soccer world.

What we deliver is real-time data that will help improve and lift player performance, reduce risk to injury while at the same time making them both valuable and bigger superstars. What makes SportScientia’s smart soccer insole unique and revolutionary is that by soccer players wearing our insole we will be able to:

• Monitor and gauge grassroots players from 7 years old onwards

• Ecosystem to monitor & rehabilitate academy & players from social to professional

Save football clubs millions in lost revenue from player injuries

Increase player selection availability by reducing risk of injury

Improve player rehabilitation recovery through dynamic & static data

Magic source

Our smart insole is a new technology that uses highly advanced sensor and motion arrays encapsulated within the soccer boot with proven algorithms for performance/injury management. Calibrated for minute fluctuations in weight distribution, it is designed using high tensile strength encapsulation material, ruggedised and customisable form factor for soccer boots of different types and sizes.
December 2016

The Hype Foundation Top 50

"The HYPE Foundation's TOP50 2017 program was established in order to promote, acknowledge and support the worlds most innovative Sports start-ups, and I fully support the decision made by our esteemed Jury of selecting SportScientia as qualified for the program. We @ HYPE believe that sports and innovation are the best ways to create a significant impacts and the unique CSR addition that SportsScientia bring into their business activities is a perfect example of this vision" - Amir Raveh, CEO

Corporate Social Innovation

At SportScientia, our CSI refurbishment program is connected to the core of our business. We are fully committed to helping the world of soccer in the developing world. We want to integrate our mission into our core business, by partnering with NGO's and clubs in 3rd world countries, not only to give the opportunity to talented players to excel and monitor their performance, but also by giving new horizons to major football clubs in developed countries to recruit talent from those countries.

As part of our CSI contribution, when a soccer player requires a new size insole and or replacement, the returned insole will be refurbished and shipped to the developing countries. When players, academies, clubs purchase our insoles they are actually sponsoring kids playing soccer in these developing countries. A great way to share values by doing good for soccer and society.


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